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Knowledgeable, goal-oriented, hard-working, creative, and honorable. An athlete of business!

Our company may be mid-sized/small at annual revenues between $10 and $20 million, but it seemed big to us. We first engaged Michael to do a supplementary business valuation for us, after we felt the business broker we had contracted with wasn’t doing much of a job. Monarch’s valuation/evaluation was VERY impressive and thorough. They clearly know the business of buying and selling businesses and could ably discuss and defend their valuation with other brokers in their MBA patois or with us in layman’s terms. Their  presentation examined our company from several viewpoints, accommodating or anticipating the variety of ways that Buying companies evaluate prospective businesses. Very professionally done!

after having experienced his productivity and capability in comparison to the first firm we would be like scorning (Monarch as a Ferrari  over a Ford.)

After the year’s contract ended unsuccessfully with the first broker, we asked and then contracted with Michael Firm to sell our business (known as Peak Business Brokerage ). His team were better than the first firms’, and from the start we felt lucky in finding them.  In just the first few weeks his team had contacted more potential buyers than the previous broker had in a full year! - and his team was thorough and followed a method. We were seeing detailed weekly updates and much better suited potential buyers. The amount and complexity of all the “due diligence” Michael and his team crunched out - quickly and to each prospective buyer’s satisfaction – was boggling, but he had a good system and kept to it. When we saw him, he was constantly reading, collecting, crunching, sending and receiving requests for information.

When I say he is honorable, it is because he proved his integrity in countless ways.

Jim H

Woman in Suit


“Michael and his team were fantastic, putting up with my constant questions and always replying quickly and putting any concerns I had to rest…The personal service from Michael was first class, very knowledgeable, diligent and accurate.”

It is very difficult to impress me, especially when it comes to professional services as I have very high standards and expectations of any professionals I deal with. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Monarch Business Valuations and I cannot recommend him highly enough. His team was fantastic, putting up with my constant questions and always replying quickly and putting any concerns I had to rest. I found it very helpful to receive quick responses to email queries and matters arising sometimes straight back the same day, literally within minutes. This allowed urgent matters to progress and went beyond what could have been reasonably expected. Monarchs advice was invaluable as they had amazing insight into how the valuation process works as well as different valuation approaches used in my particular industry. At times the process appeared extremely detailed, somewhat redundant and time-consuming. But, in hindsight, I realize (after receiving the final valuation report) that success is in the details. The personal service from Monarch was first class, very knowledgeable, diligent and accurate. In my opinion (and I do not give praise easily), Michael is an outstanding expert who provides straightforward, organized, calm and informative services. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael and his team for their outstanding and impressive work. I am happy with the quality of services and I thoroughly recommend Monarch Business Valuations to everyone.


Law Attorney


I am an Attorney  and have been in the active practice of law for over forty (20) years. With respect to a matter involving the valuation of my client’s business, I had occasion engage the services of Monarch Business Valuations. My client was involved in litigation to determine the value of his business interest, where there was a dispute among the partners of this business and the valuation of their respective interests. I personally observed the review of facts and circumstances by Monarch and their evaluation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the affairs of the business in question. I can state with certainty that his ability to dissect the various aspects of this business and determine their utility was in keeping with a sophisticated level of understanding

Northern Colorado

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